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Martinelli Luce's Fluida LED lamp

Martinelli Luce’s Fluida LED lamp has flexible features

Martinelli Luce's Fluida LED lamp

We have previously talked about how lamps over the years have gone through an evolution in their form and function. And, the latest example of this design-oriented trend is the Fluida (by Martinelli Luce), a uniquely contrived LED lamp that is touted to adapt to different uses of desk. Comprising of an elastic strip joined by two square bases at each end, the lamp is intrinsically flexible in nature. For example, if you keep these two bases apart (along a surface), the design forms into a semi-circle with the LEDs fixed along the top part (of the semi-circle). However, you can also join these bases side by side, and as a result – the elastic strip forms an enclosed loop.

Martinelli Luce's Fluida LED lamp

Both of these scenarios effect the focus of light from the LEDs. In this first instance, the area below the semi-circular strip gets illuminated, thus making Fluida perfect as a personal reading light. However, in the second case, the closed loop spreads the glow of the LED light, which is conducive to various types of ambiance lighting for your living room decor.

Martinelli Luce's Fluida LED lamp

Other positions can also be composed by just modifying the distance between the bases. And, as for Fluida’s power credentials, one of the bases has its USB port connected to an electrical output.

Martinelli Luce's Fluida LED lamp

Via: StudioNatural

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