Brandon Washington Martino Hamper

Martino Hamper Chair is a new excuse for neglecting your laundry

Brandon Washington Martino Hamper

Martino Hamper chair is designed by Brandon Washington to reward laundry procrastinators. It is a combination of laundry basket and a chair, which is usable only when the laundry basket is full of dirty clothes. Well, you can’t offer your guests to sit on the dirty laundry, but you can enjoy a seat on it when the basket is full of laundry. The design of the chair is inspired by the fast paced furniture collage style of Martino Gamper, a furniture designer and is named in his honor.

Brandon Washington Martino Hamper

Washington designed the chair within 24 hours for Impromptu design, which uses intuition and concept of a person to form a project within few hours. It is composed of an old dining room chair, a laundry basket and seat of the chair is pile of dirty clothes. You can keep the chair in your room and keep throwing your dirty clothes in it and enjoy a seat when it is full. Martino Hamper chair will definitely be the best excuse for neglecting your laundry.

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