Maximize Plant Growth & Optimize Watering System Using Semi-Automated Grow Pots

At most times providing the right amount of water to your plants can be a matter of judgment, but what if you are a novice and constantly struggle with the over and under water syndrome? These times call for a solution that can in a way automate the process of optimally watering the plants and consequently increase their growth by 50%.

Eco Growing Systems has come up with Eco grow pots that are specifically designed to eliminate all human errors when it comes to watering, especially for new bee gardeners who aspire for healthy home gardening.

Not only home gardening but these pots come very handy for commercial applications too.

The Eco grow pots make use of sub-irrigation and inverted leeching which moves the salt upwards away from the roots. There is a built-in reservoir which supplies the right amount of water and maximizes growth going by the years of research in sub-surface irrigation thereby eliminating plant stress and disease.

Via: AzoCleanTech

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