McDonald's Modern China Burger

McDonald’s China selling Gray bun Modern China Burger

McDonald’s has been in news for all the wrong reasons off late, and the fast food giant has had a turbulent ride. But McDonald’s China is taking a giant leap in the field of hamburgers and fast food industry by serving limited edition McDonald’s Modern China Burger to salvage its lost pride.

The gray colored bun has taken food industry and consumers by storm and has received mixed reaction from people on social media. The pork bao-inspired hamburger sandwich is made from two pork patties, bacon, salad and a handful amount of spicy Sichuan pepper ketchup.

Made from fluffy mantou-steamed bread popular in Northern China, the unappealing gray color has left many customers baffled, thus making it difficult to accept the burger as the new or latest option in burger industry.

Undoubtedly, the Modern China Burger is an attempt of McDonald’s to revive its image in China; some US franchise owners believe McDonald is facing its final days in China, due to better and healthier alternatives, and this may be one of its final moves to make a mark yet again.

Available only in China until November 3, the limited edition Modern China Burger looks entirely different from what’s shown in promotional pictures available online. Hence, inviting many dissatisfied customer reviews.

This is not the first time when something different is served in burger department. Burger King has already spooked many with its Halloween-inspired black buns in USA and green colored buns in Saudi Arabia, so let’s see how McDonald’s initiative will help it in reinventing its lost space.

Here are some reactions shared by people who got a chance to taste McDonald’s Modern China Burger.


Via: Foodiggity

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