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Meizu's Gravity Wireless Speaker

Meizu’s Gravity wireless speaker seems to float in mid air

Meizu is one of the recognized brands in Chinese smartphone market. Although it is not as popular as Lenovo and Xiaomi, but now it’s creating buzz for its ‘floating’ wireless speaker. Ironically named Gravity, the Bluetooth speaker creates illusive floating effect due to smart use of materials. Created by Japanese designer Hironao Tsuboi, the rectangular speaker is placed on a transparent block that makes it look like floating in mid air.

The speaker features a transparent prism-shaped display that shows music information. Due to its transparent nature, the musical information also appears to be suspending in the air. The design of this unusual Bluetooth speaker is satirically going to make you forget about gravity, while sustaining sense of balance.

It is a perfect combination of beauty and complexity, but good design doesn’t mean it lacks functionality. Gravity speaker promises great sound quality as well – all thanks to its 20-Watt bass and 70Hz to 20Khz range. Besides Bluetooth connectivity, the speaker can also be paired to smartphone or other electronic devices via Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, it comes with a companion smartphone app that supports both iOS and Android devices, which further serves as remote control to play your favorite music.

Meizu ‘Gravity’ speaker effortlessly combines wireless connectivity and crisp sound capabilities, along with incredible aesthetics. All these qualities are rarely found in music systems, but Gravity is an exquisite exception. It is expected to retail for $249 when it hits the commercial market, however you can preorder it now from the crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

Meizu's Gravity Wireless Speaker

Gravity is a perfect combination of design and better sound quality

Meizu's Gravity Wireless Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker creates illusive floating effect

Meizu's Gravity Wireless Speaker

It features a transparent prism-like display

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