Sensor garbage can

Meliconi intros a sensor based trash that opens and closes its lid by hand motion

Sensor garbage can

Yesterday, we came across the rather convenient mechanism of sensor based taps. And, this time the core technology has been totally refurbished to meet the credentials of a new application. We are talking about the totally unique sensor based trash bin from Italian company Meliconi. This fascinating scope allows you to open and close the lid of the garbage contraption by just the motion of your hands (without touching it). This means that you don’t have to physically come in contact with the trash can, thus making you biologically as well as psychologically safe from its potentially harmful effects.

This sensor is actually pretty similar to those electronic taps, as both of the mechanisms are based on the infra red spectrum. Of course, other than just the automatic lid opening/closing criteria, a trash can involves more space and components in its singular frame. In this regard, the sensor trash can exhibits a sturdy stainless steel body with a sufficiently large capacity of 40 liters. Moreover, its lid is crafted with an ergonomic consideration that also allows the user to alternatively open it with a ‘soft touch’.

Via: Megamodo

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