Living microalgae lamp by French Biochemist

Microalgae Lamp consumes zero energy to brighten up streets and parking lots

 Living microalgae lamp by French Biochemist

Do you know that street or parking lights consume a lot of energy while lighting the walkways or parking lots.  To minimize this, LED Street lighting system is employed which could save a sufficient amount of energy. But, won’t it be better if this electricity consumption this way could entirely cut off. Keeping this in mind, a French biochemist Pierre Calleia has created an eco-friendly Microalgae Lamp for lighting up the street and parking lots. This lamp  makes use of CO2 in the atmosphere and consumes zero power.

Living microalgae lamp by French Biochemist

The Microalgae lamp gets its power from a tube filled with glowing green algae. The energy created by virtue of photosynthesis process by the microalgae is used to power the light within. This energy can also be stored within the lamp for using it in future. Therefore, the lamp can be moved to low light areas providing a glow without using any external electric source. A single Microalgae lamp is equivalent to around 200 trees absorbing a ton of atmospheric CO2 in a year, thus also minimizing air pollution.

The ingenious biochemist has not limited the application of microalgae to the street lamps. Along with his team at FermentAlg, he has found microalgae to be a sustainable source of Omega 3  supplements that is used as a base for natural cosmetics, and also that how can it be harnessed to produce biofuel.

Via: Inhabitat

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