Milan Furniture Fair 2015: Cook&Connect chopping board uses QR code to access recipes

The Cook&Connect is a modernized culinary board designed by Studio Lievito for Officinanove in collaboration with GialloZafferano – a leading Italian cooking portal serving Italian cuisine. The chopping board is an outcome of a collective effort of the design studio and the food portal to provide a culinary advancement for you and your kitchen by integrating a QR code system to help you get an instant access to expert cooking tips from Giallozafferano. All you need is scan the code with your mobile device to access 2000 recipes for making a mouthwatering dish.

The chopping board consists of four wooden boards made from ash, oak, walnut, and niangon, each module dedicated to the processing of different foods. The board can be used for cutting meat, fish, vegetables and cheese with an access to multiple recipes at the same time.

The kitchen accessory is designed, crafted and joined in way that the natural combination of flavors is not contaminated. The Cut&Connect, which is exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair, 2015 (Salone Del Mobile),  is like any other ordinary cutting board that serves the purpose of culinary, but with a tinge of technology.

Made from four wooden boards i.e. ash, oak, walnut, niangon

Made from four wooden boards:  ash, oak, walnut, and niangon

Designed and joined, to respect the natural combination of flavors

Scan the QR code with your mobile device to discover new recipes

Cook&Connect cutting board

Crafted to respect the natural combination of flavors

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