Millesime Trunk T512 by T.T. TRUNKS

Millesime Trunk T512 by T.T. TRUNKS will set you back $100,000

If the luxury La Malle Plénitude champagne trunk by Dom Pérignon is too large for your living space, French manufacturer T.T. TRUNKS has unveiled a portable masterpiece, Millesime Trunk T512. Not just to preserve champagne, but this compact trunk has been designed to take care of your expensive wine bottles as well. All thanks to its portable design, you can even take it along with you to outdoor parties, road trips, beaches or any camping spot.

Loaded with opulence, this wine trunk has cobalt blue interior to enhance aesthetics of any contemporary space, when placed open. The interiors are padded in electric blue Dinamica microfiber or black microfiber lining that also acts as shock absorber during transportation, hence protects your wine or champagne bottles.

The trunk even comes fitted with two Wi-Fi stereo speakers that are covered by trans-sound fabric. Exterior of the trunk has been covered in grained cowhide black leather lining and handles are supported by a metal plaque. Plus, the polished brass wheels makes it easy to move around.

The trunk is designed to house 20 bottles of wine and champagne. To be precise, it can hold 10 bottles in the refrigerated wine cellar and five each in the unrefrigerated drawers on either side. It comes equipped with temperature control technology in Millesime’s refrigerated cellar to protect the flavor of wines.

It also has a tasting tray that extends from the front, hence offering a place to keep your wine glasses while having a good conversation with your friends. Moreover, it comes with 16 white marine leather coasters to hold your wine glasses and bottles.

In case you’re planning a party for two, the nifty Millesime has a removable leather-lined and nickel polished brass suitcase to store one bottle and a couple of glasses. However, for all that luxury you need to shell out some serious cash. As the extravagant Millesime Trunk T512 has been priced at €100,000 (approx. US $105,000). You can order it from T.T.TRUNKS website.

Special thanks to François Arnault for sharing the details with us.

Millesime Trunk T512 by T.T. TRUNKS

Interiors are padded in electric blue Dinamica microfiber

Millesime Trunk T512 by T.T. TRUNKS

When opened, it can enhance the look of any living space

Millesime Trunk T512 by T.T. TRUNKS

Portable wine trunk

Millesime Trunk T512 by T.T. TRUNKS-4

Exterior covered in grained cowhide black leather lining

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