Okawa Line of Miniature Cat Furniture_4

Mini Cat Furniture for Your Pampered Feline

To demonstrate the high-quality craftsmanship of Okawa city residents, Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture has launched a unique campaign that’s centered around cat furniture. Fukuoka is the hub of several professional craftsmen specializing in traditional crafts such as woodworking. This time around new age Fukuoka craftsmen have built beautiful mini versions of the furniture that are scaled down to the cat’s size.

Under the banner “Craftsman MADE” the campaign shows cats jumping on the tiny couches and beds that are built perfectly like any other designer furniture. The cat’s couch is designed by Hiromatsu Furniture, while the bed is designed by Tateno Mokuzai. The miniature furniture truly looks fit for a fidgety pet’s bedroom. 

This is not the first time that Okawa city has gathered-together for showing their art and craftsmanship. They had once boasted a large industry for wedding furniture specifically made from Kiri, a light but strong Japanese wood used for chests and boxes which became viral on the internet.

So, there are chances, this video will also grab the attention of people on the internet. The mini pet furniture range will be exhibited at the city’s tourism and interior information Centre, Okawa Terrazza.

If you want to purchase these furniture pieces, you can directly contact the artists for detailed information.

Okawa Line of Miniature Cat Furniture

Image: okawa-kagu

Okawa Line of Miniature Cat Furniture_4

Image: okawa-kagu

Okawa Line of Miniature Cat Furniture_4

Image: okawa-kagu

Via: Spoon & Tamago

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