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Mini desktop garden purifies indoor air while charging your phone

Do you spend all day sitting in front of your computer in a tedious office cabin? Not anymore, as you can add touch of nature into your dull office settings with Micro-E Garden by Kwan Park. It is basically a mini desktop garden that incorporates an indoor charging system for your phone.

With this simple yet eye-catching desktop plantation, indoor air is purified naturally. It is integrated with water induction system to grow small indoor plants without much effort. Apart from plantation, this tiny system offers a seamless connection to charge your Android or iOS phones.

To enhance its aesthetic appeal, a small digital clock is displayed at front so that you never lose track of time while working. This mini garden comes in various shapes; you can select anyone from small to large desktop garden size for bringing greenery into your work space. It indeed offers you a rejuvenating way to transform your office environment.


Desktop plantation for refreshing work environment


Micro-E garden not only purifies air but also charges your phones


Add touch of nature into your office space

Credit: IMWM

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