MINIWINCH flap door opening system offers better access to cabinets

Italian furniture fitting company EFFEGIBREVETTI has created a unique mechanism for blind flap doors and frames, to offer better access into cabinets. Entitled MINIWINCH, the flap door opening comes with a subtle metal cable that can easily accommodate door heights ranging from 200 mm up to 480 mm.

Fabricated with the ability to adjust the opening and closing strength, the flap can easily handle load of up to 14 kg. Designed to be a functional, the MINIWINCH can be easily fixed in both horizontal and vertical alignment, making it ideal for narrow cabinets too.

The covers made using polymers is available in three different colors, i.e., white, black and metalized Matt silver, the  flap door opening system offers great flexibility to the doors, making it easier for users to access the cabinets.

Manufactured in Italy, the company has been bringing innovative fitting systems for furniture from 1964, thus offering efficiency and aesthetic in your homes without hampering the cabinets.


The flap door opening system bring ease and flexibility to doors

Via: LincolnSentry