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Mirrored Beach Hut incites conversation and curiosity!

Recently, we came across a bizarre architectural design installed on Worthing beach, Sussex UK. Created by London-Sussex-based firm ECE Architecture in collaboration with Mark Sephton from Creative Forager, the Mirrored Beach Hut is a creative art installation aiming to incite conversation between locals and tourists.

It is made entirely of acrylic mirror sheets that were laser-cut and placed over wooden panels to reflect gorgeous beach-front and nearby surroundings, whilst has become talk of the town. It is shaped and sized exactly like other beach-front huts in United Kingdom. Moreover, it took Sephton and ECE team a total of six weeks to design and finally install this unique creation.

It is a great way to spark common interests among beach-goers in the era, where people are busier on social networking sites rather than indulging in face-to-face interaction. Not only a conversation starter, but it is also an amazing plot to take selfies for both tourists and local residents. Sounds fun, right?


Mirrored Beach Hut aims to start conversation among locals and tourists


It is made from acrylic mirror sheets


It is created by ECE Architecture in collaboration with Mark Sephton


It took six weeks to design and install this beach-front hut

Via: DesignTaxi

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