Misen Chef's Knife

Misen Chef’s knife is fancy and amazingly useful

Whether you are a professional cook or a homemaker, you know that in kitchen utensils, knife holds the most important place. The sleek yet dangerously powerful tool, gives a sensational feel when its blades slip swiftly through tomatos or onions..

To make us all professionals with our chooping and cutting chores, Misen, a new company dealing in kitchenware utensils has recently unveiled an extraordinary knife for an affordable cost. Dubbed chef’ s knife – it is a professional knife made from premium material and comes with an honest pricing.

Designed to do any task i.e. from mincing garlic to breaking down meats, the hybrid knife is a perfect blend of best design aspects i.e. Western and Japanese styled knives that will give your creative side a wild run in the kitchen. Incorporating both blades style the designers were able to employ various cutting techniques. Hence, without changing the knives you can easily shift between your cutting techniques.

The blade of the knife is made from Japanese AUS-8 high carbon steel, making the entire knife durable to use. To give it a competitive edge Misen chef’s knife comes with a 15-degree blade angle, unlike 25-degree blade angle knives that are available in the market.

To add longevity and proper grip the handle is made from durable thermoplastic, which is makes it handy to use for both left and right-handed chefs. Misen understands a perfect knife, sooner or later, looses its edges, to alter that in the chef’ s knife, the company is offering free lifetime sharpening to all those who purchase the knife.

The Cook Sharp knife is currently raising funds on Kickstarter; it has already raised $377,177 far above its $25,000 goal. The early bird deal is already gone, so if you want to take home a profession kitchen essential, just pledge $55 and get the chance to receive  first batch of Misen Chef’s knife, which is estimated to be shipped by March 2016.

Misen Chef's Knife

Reasons why it is different from other knives avilable in market

Misen Chef's Knife

Sleek and powerful tool in the kitchen

Misen Chef's Knife

Perfect blend of Western and Japanese blades

Misen Chef's Knife

From mincing garlics to breaking meats, Misen Chef’s knife can handle any cutting technique

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