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MisterBrightLight Standing Desk

MisterBrightLight standing desk optimizes its height by hand gestures

Sitting on chairs for long in slouchy position is not only bad for posture, but increase various health risks. With the aim of increasing health benefits, standing desks have gained popularity over the years. The latest smart table to take a stand against stiff office furniture is the MisterBrightLight standing desk that is smart enough to adjust its height by movement of the user’s hand gestures.

It is aptly named because of the vibrant strap of LED light that wraps around its edges. The light reminds the user to stand up when he/she has been seated for too long. Color of the LED changes to signal the user’s availability, for instance- a red glow could be a signal for others that you’re busy and not to disturb you. Likewise, other colors can be set to notify you when it’s time to switch from sitting to standing position. After the notification, the desk can be adjusted using built-in gesture sensor to desired level to work while standing.

Beyond a pretty light, the table also features optional sensors to monitor temperature, air and humidity levels in a room. Moreover, the sensors can even track calories burned while standing at the desk and send all collected data to any paired smartphone. Yes, the device can also be paired to your smartphone via its mobile app. But, sadly the app connectivity is available only for iOS devices as of now.

Already impressed by its mind blowing features? Well, this height-adjustable desk has more to offer- it comes with a wireless charger built into the desktop, so it even serves as a charging pad in case your phone is low on juice. The option to integrate battery into the desk can be available, which allows the table to run for 12 hours constantly, without any need of power cable. These optional features can be tailored according to preferences of the user and cost will vary according to its customization. However, you can purchase the MisterBrightLight standing desk with aforementioned features online for €1,684 (approx. US $2,069). Check out the video given below to find out more about its design.

Via: Slashgear

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