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3D-Printed Lamp imitates Fruit Fly Brain Activity

MIT engineers’ 3D-printed lamp imitates fruit fly brain activity

3D-printing in wide range of transparent materials is common nowadays, but it’s high time to think of adding some colors to the dull 3D-printed objects. An impressive multi-colored combination of LED lighting and resin 3D-printing has been seen in form of a striking 3D-printed lamp by MIT postdoc and engineer siblings- Nicolas Aimon and Sophie Aimon.

Nicolas drew inspiration from his sister’s scientific research on brain activities of fruit flies. He created an innovative 3D-model of fruit fly brain using high quality Formlabs 3D printer and incorporated lighting effects using fluorescence data of actual flies to mimic their brain activity. Therefore, the lamp displays various lighting effects depending on the brain activities of these living arthropods.

The sibling duo has brilliantly linked lighting effects with research data of illuminating brain activities of the insect. Designing this exquisite 3D-lamp is not that difficult if you have little sense of technical equipments. All you require is resin 3D-printer, RGB LEDs with Arduino and optical fibers for creating a dazzling 3D light show, providing kaleidoscopic touch to your living space. You can go through the more detailed instructions on Instructables for designing your own 3D-model of an illuminating fruit fly brain.

Check out the videos and images given below to see astonishing visual effects of the 3D-lamp and share your opinions about creativity of the project, after the jump.

3D-Printed Lamp imitates Fruit Fly Brain Activity

3D-model of fruit fly brain is created using Formlabs 3D printer

3D-Printed Lamp imitates Fruit Fly Brain Activity

The lamp replicates brain activities of a fruit fly

3D-Printed Lamp imitates Fruit Fly Brain Activity

Resin 3D-printed lamp includes optical fibers for various lighting effects

Credit: 3DPrint

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