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Mitsubishi Electric Smart Home

Mitsubishi Electric smart home turns your home into an oasis of comfort

Smart home technology has gained popularity over past few years, but it is always linked to security and connected home appliances. To change the trend, Mitsubishi Electric has entered into the smart home market with launch of its next-generation smart home concept that puts more emphasis on your health. The Mitsubishi Electric Smart Home is a combination of sensors and linked appliances that collects biological information of all family members in a house and offers them suitable conditions for healthier lifestyle.

The latest smart home concept has been integrated with both mental and physical conditions of the homeowners. So, they can get more comfortable and stress-free daily routine without any negative impact on their health. The system incorporates front door cameras to identify each family member as he/she approach the entrance. Moreover, the door handle would sense and gather all biological information including body temperature, heart rate, etc. and display the collected information in the entry hall.

Furthermore, the refrigerator door in your kitchen would display recipes and available food items in fridge that are good for your current health conditions, all based on the body data collected through the sensing device. Due to this advance technology, your house will efficiently keep check on your health and make your life more enjoyable and comfortable. Now there is no need to run to any nutritionist or dietitian, as you house will do all the needful for your body and mind.

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