Mobi Whale Vase

Mobi Whale Vase brings playful sea creatures to your table

Nothing beats the smells of fresh flowers for a refreshing kickstart every morning. But how about adding some twist to your floral display? Mobi Whale Vase is a quirky flower vessel that can turn any surface on which it is placed to a beautiful Oceanside.

The vase consists of two parts that together looks like a whale submerged underwater, with its tail and head slightly popping out of water. This lovely vase resting on top of your table would seem as if sea creatures are whimsically swimming on its surface.

Made from grade-A porcelain along with hi-gloss finish, the Mobi Whale Vase would be a great conversational decor piece that’s likely to outshine your fresh flowers. Its main body is designed to store water, so flowers remain fresh in its spout. However, flowers fixed onto its head appear to be blasting colors everywhere through its blow hole.

Coming in either black or white, the whale-shaped vase will add some jovially aquatic theme onto your work desk, side table, end table or any other place you like. You can choose any any one or both to spruce up your tedious workstation..

Buy: $59

Mobi Whale Vase

It consists of two parts that together look like a submerged whale

Mobi Whale Vase

The flowers seem to be blasting colors through its blow hole

Mobi Whale Vase

Made out of grade-A porcelain with hi-gloss finish

Mobi Whale Vase

It comes in two colors: white and black

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