Modscape’s Cliff House

Modscape’s Cliff House Hangs off the Edge of a Cliff

Melbourne-based architectural firm Modscape was commissioned to design a unique vacation home for a couple living in Australia. The firm came up with the idea of a cliff house hanging off the edge of a cliff on the southwestern coast of Australia overlooking the Indian Ocean. Its design is inspired from the shape of barnacles clinging on the hull of a ship, thus dangerously extending off the cliff, rather than resting on it.

The five-story home comprises prefabricated modules stacked one over the other and held securely using engineered steel pins. Entrance into the house is through a carport on the top floor and a parking space is also available in the carport. All floors are connected via an elevator and include bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. in separate spaces of the five different levels.

To enhance the relationship with the ocean, the interior is designed with minimalist décor and huge glass windows for viewing at panoramic sights of the landscape. Moreover, a patio, an outdoor kitchen, and a luxurious Jacuzzi are also present inside the building to create the notion of floating above the ocean.

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Although the design is still a concept, we loved the idea of living off the edge, close to nature in such daring surroundings. It would be a spectacular luxury home offering an absolute connection with the natural blue water below the cliff.

Modscape’s Cliff House

Jacuzzi in the bathroom for relaxing while enjoying panoramic views

Source: Modscape

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