World's First Billbed by MoltyFoam

MoltyFoam converts billboards into comfy beds for the homeless

After working for an entire day, we all go home eat our favorite food, watch television and enjoy a long night sleep on our comfy bed to wake up fresh for the very next day. But there are millions of homeless people around the world, who work hard during the day and get nothing but rough surface on streets for sleeping every night.

MoltyFoam, Pakistan’s leading mattress brand, has teamed up with Pakistani agency BBDO to provide a convenient sleeping solution for millions of homeless people. After finding out that there are half a million homeless people in every main city of Pakistan, both these firms saw it as an opportunity to serve people sleeping outdoors, without any roof on their heads.

To combat the problem, the mattress brand has brilliantly converted billboards into the world’s first Billbeds. These are weatherproof beds or hammock-like mattresses that display advertisement during the day, but at night this same billboard panel serves as a comfortable night bed for any needy homeless.

This way the firms are going to revolutionize the advertisement industry, meanwhile offering self-service beds to people living without a shelter. Previously, we’ve seen similar concept of billboard homes by DesignDevelop. But Billbeds are certainly the world’s first ever mattresses displaying ads while providing a suitable space for shelterless residents of a particular country.

Not only in Pakistan, but the same concept for homeless beddings can be applied to other regions in the world, where many people spend sleepless nights due to lack of proper resting place. Check out the video given below to find out more about this noble project.

World's First Billbed by MoltyFoam

During daytime these billboards are used for advertising, but turns into a comfy bed at night

Via: PSI

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