ikea family bed hack

Mom hacks IKEA to create superbed to fit her family of seven

Elizabeth Boyce, Dallas-based photographer and blogger has created a superbed that can easily fit her family of seven, while offering personal space and comfort. Mother of five, Elizabeth wanted to create something that will end her daily battle of putting kids to bed.

So with a little creativity, IKEA and lots of wood work, she created a family bed that lets her co-sleep with complete family i.e. Thomas (husband), Izzy, Zach, Ben, Owen and youngest of all one-year-old Elijah.

Already having IKEA loft bed (Kura), Elizabeth Boyce cleverly fitted all of them in same room, thus creating herself a huge family bed.  The smartly designed superbed offers each kid a personal space and comfort while co-sleeping with rest of the family members.  The bed also holds plenty of space to place cups, phones and other things on shelfs.

Motivated and excited Boyce posted her creation on Facebook, and took social media by storm, with  parents commenting from every part of the world. Receiving mixed response, Boyce believes, each family has different situation and for her family there is nothing better than this family bed for seven.

Elizabeth Boyce has posted a complete tutorial on wanderingtheworldbelow.  If doubts persist, you can go through Elizabeth’s Q&A and learn the most to create a superbed as hers for yourself.

ikea family bed hack

Family bed offering personal space to everyone

ikea family bed hack

Kids sleeping comfortably yet staying close to their mum and dad

ikea family bed hack

Material required to create family bed

Via: Aplus

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