MONO by Henry Buckley is modular appliance to reduce electronic waste

Henry Buckley, product designer and technology student at Loughborough University, has achieved the foremost award for his project MONO- a modular domestic appliance, which is designed to save waste and space for the city dwellers. Buckley got the inspiration for creating the prototype after learning that every year around 54 million tones of electronic waste is produced worldwide.

The 23-year-old student, was invited by the New Designer to exhibit his idea for reducing electronic waste and produce a prototype explaining the design. As a result, the prototype MONO is designed by Buckley, under the category of ‘modular domestic appliance range.’ This prototype is designed to lower electronic waste by reducing the number of components and amount of material used in certain products.

Currently, there are three prototype products in the MONO range i.e. air purifier, electric fan and vacuum cleaner. According to Buckley, the device is designed to recognize other appliances involuntarily with the help of a single plug-in and play-out power module, which can also monitor speed control, if required.Due to the novel wastage reducing project, the designer has been awarded with the “Virgin Atlantic Design Award.”

Buckley’s design is beautifully executed and challenges everyday problem, said the judges. As an award, Buckley will get to work for two weeks with Virgin Atlantic Customer Experience Design Department to gain and learn more under the expert’s guidance. Such exhibitions always motivate students to create something innovative for better and cleaner future of the next generation.


MONO is designed by a technology student at Loughborough University


The prototype modular domestic appliance to reduce electronic waste

Via: Lboro

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