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pizza cutting science

Monohedral disc tiling is the new way to enjoy equally sliced pizza

While most of us are fighting over oddly sliced pizza, the two mathematicians Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley of University of Liverpool, England have found out the perfect way to enjoy an equally sliced pizza without using any pizza-cutting device.

According to the mathematicians, by cutting pizza into a bit complex and curved slices (also known as monohedral disc tiling) one can enjoy beautifully sliced pizza at home. To enjoy 12 equal slices of pizza first, you need to cut the pizza in a wobbly star shape from the center and then halve those pieces for enjoying same proportions.

As per the entire approach, after gaining experience on the technique of cutting, you can even cut pizza by making 20, 28 or even 36 slices. Well surely, it requires too much practice and patience to master the technique of cutting pizza on mathematical approach. Nevertheless, it’ll prove to be a boon for those who love pizza parties.

Rather than getting into the mathematical approach behind the cutting procedure, you can simply fill your tummy and feel satisfied with oddly shaped pizza slices.

pizza cutting science

Wobbly star shape for equally sliced pizza

pizza cutting science

Cutting the star shape into halves will end up into 12 equally sliced pizza

pizza cutting science

More mathematical way of ending with 20, 28 or even 36 slices of pizza

Via: Mashable

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