Moon Cradle embraces your baby comfortably for a healthy sleep

If you have a new angelic child’s addition to your family, then you must be looking for some good baby furniture or probably a cradle. A cradle has to be chosen with too much precaution and care because it is the place where your little child will be spending most of the hours. Created by Custard, Moon Cradle is a perfect choice among the variety of cradle designs that you will see online. It is imaginative, cute, eco-friendly, space-saving, made to perfection piece of furniture that will hold your bundle of joy with full care and safety. You can never stop praising the appeal this cradle brings to your child’s room.

The design of Moon Cradle has to be one that makes you poetic and feel the innocence of a child’s mind. It preserves your baby in good posture and lets him enjoy a comfortable sleep underneath the stars cut out of wood pallets. The curved cradle has been designed in a way that would cut the unnecessary noise for an uninterrupted sleep. Carved wooden pallets have been used to build this exquisite Moon Cradle. Perfect hand-crafting accompanied by error-free finishing has given birth to this €990 (US $1,299) nascent cradle. You will just need to get a good quality soft mattress for this cradle once you get it delivered at your home.

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