Most incredible wine cellar glows blue with 2,000 bottles

Over time, we’ve seen some really incredible wine cellars, every time thinking there will never be a better one coming soon. But the myth doesn’t last long with us, because we have interior designers like Jamie Beckwith out there. Beckwith has recently remodeled the inside of a house in Boulevard in Franklin, Tennessee with a wine cellar that can be viewed through the floor of the living room. The stunning arc-shaped wine cellar made to house 2,000 bottles is created out of acrylic and is illuminated with blue LEDs for a very Gothic appearance and glow.

The brilliant wine cellar is the finest attraction in the $6 million Tennessee home, which has the cellar finely placed underneath a glass-floored living room that makes the cellar visible from all levels of the house. While you may think there are many incredible wine cellars you’ve seen, I’d say this must be on the pinnacle of them all.

Via: Realtor/DesignRulz/Bitrebels

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