Motorable Tiny Cottages by Bess-1

Make Your Home Anywhere With Motorable Tiny Cottages by Bess

Japanese firm Bess has created stylish motorable tiny cottages with some of the coolest designs. The company launched its line of Imago micro cabins in 2016. However, the sales of these micro homes started rising during the pandemic and doubled in April and August this year compared to what they sold in 2020.

The demand for these Imago cabins increased to such an extent that the company now decided to expand their collection with two more models – Imago iter and Imago X. Design of both these models has their entrance a little above the ground. It is to allow users to easily mount them on the trailers. So, you can hitch them to any vehicle and pull them anywhere you want to make your new home for a few days.

According to SoraNews24, Out of the two versions, iter is smaller measuring 3.2 meters in length. But with the 5.6-meter length, the X model is quite compact as per standard cabins. And, there is plenty of space within the cabins to relax, sleep, and enjoy meals. In the X version, you can even set up a beautiful yard-style area with an awning.

As per Bess, you can tow Imago X by large SUVs. On the other hand, mid-sized vehicles are perfect to handle the weight of iter. However, the drivers in Japan have to acquire a type-1 towing license for owning these mobile homes.

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One more thing to keep in mind is that these tiny cottages don’t have showers or bathrooms inside. So, these are not your complete micro homes. Nonetheless, these are best to hitch up your tiny cabin and move to another location when you wish to change the scenery. So, it is a huge plus for those who love to living on-the-go.

If you want to hit the road with these tiny cabins on wheels, their prices begin from 3.86 million yen (approx. $35,400) for Imago iter and 4.42 million yen (approx. $39,400) for the Imago X.

Motorable Tiny Cottages by Bess-1

Image: RC Core / PR Times

Motorable Tiny Cottages by Bess-1

Image: RC Core / PR Times

Motorable Tiny Cottages by Bess-1

Image: RC Core / PR Times

Motorable Tiny Cottages by Bess-1

Image: RC Core / PR Times

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