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New Age Mousestopper Mousetrap Claims 100% Success Rate

Catching mouse can be a tedious task even if you have a mousetrap in place. Why? Because mouse can sometimes walk around the trap trigger, eat the bate and walk away scot-free. So, how do you make sure the trap catches a mouse without fail?

Dennis Theriault an animal control specialist in Sanford has tweaked the mice trap just a little to increase the efficiency to 100%.

He uses contemporary mice catchers and cuts out the access paths to the bate by keeping them inside simple cardboard boxes or wooden boxes. Now that the mouse has only one path to access the irresistible bate, it will get caught no matter what.

Dennis calls his new device Mousestopper, and it does really work without a hitch. The cardboard version comes in a two-compartment version where you can insert two mouse traps at once. When the mouse is caught you can throw away the mousetrap without even touching it.

The other version is a more robust wooden box with four compartments to catch four mice at once. It is well suited for pest-infested godowns and places where mice are in numbers.

There is yet another wooden box version which is for bigger pests like chipmunks, squirrels, or rats. It also has four compartments which increase the chances of catching multiple pests at a time.

This is an interesting solution to a problem everyone faces every now and then. The cardboard version with two traps comes for as low as $2.99 while the wooden version for $29.99. The larger rodent trap is priced at $45.

Credit: NewsCenterMaine

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