Portable Pet Bed by Hangzhou Kesheng Textiles

This Multi-Functional, Portable Pet Bed Offers Coziness to Your Feline or Canine

Dogs are downright adorable and if someone doesn’t agree, the person deserves a fist in the face! Before you start taking jibes at me, let me tell you, I am not being hypocritical. Yes, I’ve said in the past that I don’t like dogs that bite, bait and bark at me. But, I don’t mind getting a cute pup home that keeps the vibe of the house friendly and also keeps me silly and rolling all the time.

Getting a puppy is one thing, taking care of the little canine is an entirely different challenge. The problem arises when you have to move out of your homes for work or even a trip. They do love human cuddles but also want a space of their own. Well, you literally can’t carry a dog house with you, but a portable pet bad won’t be a bad idea to sleep your puppy dog. And, why just a dog, if you are a cat person, a pet bed is the best gift a cat could possibly have, considering they like squeezing in small spaces.

Well, you ask for it and Hangzhou Kesheng Textiles delivers. The Chinese company recently unveiled a pet bed at the iF Design Award 2022 and has left a lot of dogophiles drooling over the multi-functional bed. The bed is specifically designed for small and medium-sized pet cats and dogs.

In case you own a Pug, Maltese, or a Shih Tzu, try getting this portable pet bed home and it would assist you and the pet in long endeavors. The surface of the bed features a special stripe design and I am sure your pet would fall in love with it.  The bed is filled with soft recycled cotton offering a comfortable feel for your deary.

The pet bed can be fully opened and outstretched, if your pet wants to sleep on a larger bed and can be rolled back, in case your pet prefers a smaller space. It features an innovative three-stage fold design to assist pet parents with multiple usage scenarios. Result is, the multifunction pet bed can even turn into a mattress, sleeping bag, and sofa for your canines and felines.

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Its multi-functional hand straps, which make it portable and easy to carry while traveling or exploring outside. In addition, the user can also link the vehicle seat to a car pet safety seat, providing pets a safer and more comfortable ride experience. The pet bed has a bone-shaped pouch attached to it, which I assume can be used to keep pet collars.

Portable Pet Bed by Hangzhou Kesheng Textiles

Image: iF Design Award

Portable Pet Bed by Hangzhou Kesheng Textiles_1

Image: iF Design Award

Portable Pet Bed by Hangzhou Kesheng Textiles_2

Image: iF Design Award

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