Multi-platform Gap House by Store Muu

Japanese design studio Store Muu has unbelievably managed to build an incredible house known as the Gap House, in a very lean space of just 59 square meters between two existing building in Kanagawa, Japan. The studio has designed the house in a way that can accommodate a family of four.

The entire living space is segmented into three elevated platforms which are: ground floor acting as a hall and living room, the second floor as the kitchen and dining area, while the third, i.e., the uppermost loft is a comparatively spacious children’s playroom that also functions as an auxiliary bedroom. Offering an additional storage space, the bedroom has large windows to let the ample sunlight come in. Sea-facing front facade takes advantage of gushes of cool breeze coming from nearby Sagami Bay. The open space facilitates the free and uninterrupted flow of fresh air, making the entire area revitalized and calm. The unsymmetrical shape of the house provides a parking area at the front and a garden at the back.


Store Muu’s Gap House


Entrance of the house


View of the kitchen and dining area


Children’s playroom


Spacious playroom


Neighbourhood view of Gap House



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