Nook Multifunctional Bed Holds Your Bike and has a TV

Gone is the era of those boring old beds which only offer a place to nap or sleep. The concept of customizable, multifunctional furniture is really catching up these days, as they prove very useful in smaller living spaces. More and more designers are coming up with their innovative furniture designs, particularly for kids and teenagers because of their tendency to discover new things.

A renowned furniture manufacturer company JJP in collaboration with the Spanish designer Carlos Tiscar, has created a stunning minimalist and multifunctional single bed called ‘Nook’. This all-in-one bed can not only be used during childhood but also in later the years to come.

Nook is a classic yet contemporary metal-framed canopy bed incorporated with a number of add-on accessories that increases its functionality without compromising on style. It is a perfect example of transformable furniture that features cabinets, drawers, desks, curtains, LED lighting and even a bike holder. You can always add side rails to it for the safety of small children.

One of its unique feature, other than the bike holder is the LED Monitor, where your kids can play their favorite video games or watch their desired cartoon shows with utmost delight and comfort. A trundle bed underneath it makes it comfortable enough to accommodate two kids at the same time.

Nook single bed by JJP furniture

Nook – customizable, multifunctional furniture

The canopy and curtains convert Nook into a private den offering its users maximum privacy, which is always a matter of concern in small living spaces. With its exceptional design, it’s fit to match any décor and is very easy to assemble; you just need an Allen Key to configure it.

Nook single bed by JJP furniture

Canopy bed with a number of add-on accessories

Nook single bed by JJP furniture

Specially designed for kids and teenagers

Nook single bed by JJP furniture

Nook single bed by JJP furniture

Via: TreeHugger

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