Multipurpose Moire lamp by Marc Sarrazin can be used on table, floor, ceiling or wall

Ambient lighting is so much important to maintain good mood at home. You can make sure lighting is correct to your mood by ensuring you have the best kind of lamp at home. We have seen some exciting collection of lamp shapes out there, but none as extremely adaptable as the Moire lamp by designer Marc Sarrazin for Petite Furniture. Designed in textile mesh, with polyester covering on steel frame, the Moire lamp be placed on the floor, on table or can be suspended from the ceiling or wall. The lamp is provided with a pair of power cables and other essential accessories for its multi-utility.

Created in Black and Grey colors, the Moire lamp filters out light most humbly, so that you don’t feel the light too low or two vibrant. Moire lamp delivers perfect lighting to keep you rejuvenated. 2kg Moire lamp is available in three variants, Moire small, medium and large, which are priced at € 230 (approximately $310), € 295 ($400) and € 590 ($800) respectively.

Via: Mocoloco

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