Food art

Mundane items modified into amusing inedible food art

Paris-based photographer Benjamin Henon and French designer and stylist Valentine Mazel have given a comical touch to mundane items by creating a good-humored series of images highlighting everyday items modified into edible food art.

Utilizing everyday ordinary items like sponges, soaps, shoestrings, balloon and sand, the dynamic duo has created an optical illusion of delicious cuisines. Dubbed Decoy Lunch, the everyday items and objects are recreated into delicious dishes that can outwit anyone at first glance.

The perfectly curated food art uses sponges used to replicate pastries and bread slices, shoe laces presented as Italian pasta. Sand is cleverly molded into a jelly cake, pool ball in plate with white paint gives impression of freshly prepared omelette, while soap piece placed on mouse trap depict an alluring piece of cheese.

Here is the work of art by Henon and Mazel, the perfectly photographed pictures of dishes that appears to be freshly served for lunch.

Sponge as Bread Slices
Sponges as slices of toast

Sand as Jelly Cake
Sand Cake

Shoelaces as Spaghetti
Shoe laces as spaghetti

Pool ball in white paint as Omelete
Pool ball omelete

Soap as slice of cheese
Soap Cheese

Via: Junk Culture

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