Mundane Matters

Mundane Matters curates veggies and fruits into impromptu food art

With growing dependence on junk food, today’s generation is facing serious health and environmental issues, and growing and eating fresh green veggies and fruits is the only way out. Fresh organic food not only plays a vital role in maintaining good health but also supports local communities and farmers.

To inspire sustainable creative living, Sydney-based graphic designer Danling Xiao aka Mundane Matters has transformed fresh veggies and fruits into impromptu food art. A creative food project, where emotional sculptures are created using natural ingredients that nurture mind and soul and calls for a creative sustainable living at the same time.

Crafting one fruit and vegetable per day into a sculpture, Xiao work has been admired by many on Instagram. Aiming to promote green lifestyle, Danling is holding exhibitions and zero-waste creative workshops, where everyone gets a chance to recreate something marvelous using fresh vegetables and fruits.

Imagining thought-provoking sculptures, each piece comes with a message. Here are some of them you will find interesting.

I have been following the not-for-profit @pocketcityfarms for a while and really love what they do for our city. Yesterday when I saw the post about their fundraising deadline for the farm, I thought perhaps I can help spread the words and hope friends like yourself can help them a bit. I reached out to Emma to ask her about their five-year preparation for the farm. It was five years of hard work and patience – It took them two years to find the current place. The most memorable moment for Emma was breaking the ground when their development was approved – after four years they started the land search! Since then they have been preparing the soil, raising funds, designing the space and working with the council and their collaborators to improve the space. It is till now we start to see a beautiful veggie garden that replaces the old unused greens of Camperdown Bowling Club. Moreover, the locals will be able to buy organic produce from them, and send their compost to help the farming. Till the opening in June they needs our help. If you share the same value in ethical farming and shopping local, especially if you live in Sydney inner-west, please make a pledge. You will be able get some homemade compost or yoga workshops etc as a gift for the money you donate. More info see @pocketcityfarms. #mundanematters

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Brussels sprout = baby cabbage ??? #mundanematters #plantplanet

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The delight in the days of feeling a little stressed and constipated, came when I first saw the test print. No one photo I have taken has given me such pleasure – texture, sense of touch, feelings that are long gone in the digital world. Oh, and relief. I am very excited about showing the prints. I am very thankful that I have one of the country’s best art print masters to help me print these photos. In saying that, I am now confident to share these prints and hope they will bring more joy to you – not on a small screen, possibly at any size that fit your space. I am hoping to synchronise my two-week exhibition and sell the prints online. Keep an eye on my progress if you are interested. ❤️ #mundanematters

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Surprised myself again. This time on the lime. Artwork for @woolworths_au #ausopen #ausopen2016 @australianopen #mundanematters

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