Icon Speaker - Wireless Portable Speaker by Suck UK

Sublime Music on the go with Flexible Icon Speaker

Wireless speakers come in all sizes and shapes with an endless list to choose from. Even though you may narrow down the options based on your specific needs, you’ll still be spoilt for choices, since there is so much to choose from.

When we talk about wireless speakers, there are ones which deliver sublime audio while others win with their eloquent design. Amongst all these options, the Icon Speaker by SUCK UK has propped-up from nowhere.

This little portable speaker appeals to the eye with its vibrant color and speaker icon-like design (the one we associate with speaker volume). Also, the silicone build gives it flexibility, making it easy to carry around without the worry of it getting physically damaged.

Coming to its performance, the wireless speaker gives 8 hours of playback time. It can be charged in one hour which is great for people on the move.

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Two Icon speakers can be connected simultaneously to get stereo surround sound which is a great feature. The two speakers can also be used separately when stereo output mode is not required, fancy!

Although SUCK UK has refrained from giving out the specifications of its speaker, which is a turn-off for serious audiophiles, we can expect great audio quality nonetheless. The Icon Speaker comes in three cool colors – blue, yellow or red, for a price tag of $50

Icon Speaker - Wireless Portable Speaker by Suck UK

Image: SUCK UK

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