Musical makeover: Drum kit turned into a dashing chandelier

Creating perfect interiors is not just about achieving the right look and getting the fancy décor and exquisite antique pieces, but also about getting a look that is distinctive and one you want. Of course, at times that means you will have to thread away from the beaten path is precisely what Matt Ludwig of Ludwig Metals has done. When his friend at J’s Red Hots restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina (Yes, home of the Nature Boy!) wanted a very special chandelier piece for the place, Matt went ahead a turned an entire drum set into a functional chandelier.

The lighting fixture was created to acknowledge the previous restaurant that occupied the same space and was called ‘The Drum’. Well, they pretty much have got that part covered. As the chandelier part goes, this one is definitely both unusual and at the same time pretty cool. A ‘drum set chandelier’ would not only attract a lot of attention and make for a great conversation piece, but also appeal to music lovers.

The lighting provided by the unit is both focused and intense and should work very well in a restaurant atmosphere as it is set above coffee table. A great example of reuse and creative interiors, this one surely might inspire others to try out the same with different musical instruments. Maybe guitar pendant lamps!

Drum Chandelier

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