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Mylight Motion-Detecting Illumination System

Mylight illuminates dark corners and closets of your home

Fear of darkness gives heebie-jeebies to nyctophobics. Even the thought of waking up at the darkest hour is too scary for them. But don’t worry; we’ve brought a savior for you in form of the motion-activated Mylight that produce warm, soft light of 2,700 Kelvin at night. It is an automatic illumination system that’s integrated with sensors and two 1.5-meter LED strips for personalizing your home interior.

Powered by 110-Volt outlet, the system uses energy-efficient LED lighting that consumes 80-percent less power than traditional incandescent lighting. Plus, this timer controlled device replaces the need for switches- as it responds to your needs, i.e. brightens up only at night when you need it. The system is easily installed and can be tucked neatly out of sight to provide illumination with no extra visible components.

The customized interior lighting solution can be used under your bed, within your closet, and other darkest spaces of your house. All thanks to the motion-detecting technology, the Mylight system can sense human movements up to 20 feet away, provided the system is plugged into any wall socket. Once the system is plugged in, the bright LED light system activates and automatically turns on when you enter a room or open a closet door.

In case of closets, the LED strips will bright up as soon as you open your wardrobe. This way you’ll get a clear view of what’s inside your cupboard and won’t face any problem while finding your favorite top or jeans. Even the bed lights glow immediately when you step out of your bed, making a clear illumination for additional comfort and safety within your home.

Although it is basically a LED closet lighting kit, but it can also be attached to your dressers, bookshelves, entryways, pantries, etc. So, it is a must have lighting system to enhance aesthetic appeal of your house, while providing extra layer of safety to you, as well as your home at scary dark hours.

Buy: $54

Mylight Motion-Detecting Illumination System

Mylight can be used under your bed or bathroom cabinets

Mylight Motion-Detecting Illumination System

LED strip fixed underneath a bookcase

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