myQ Pet Portal: An Internet-Connected, Self-Opening Pet Door at CES 2021

myQ Pet Portal is Internet-Connected, Self-Opening Pet Door You’ll Definitely Want

myQ is a subsidiary of Chamberlain Group that specializes in smart garage products. Smart Garage Hub is a popular product from the company that allows users to open and close a garage door from anywhere using a smartphone app. The company is now expanded its myQ Smart Access Ecosystem with the launch of myQ Pet Portal, an internet-connected, self-opening pet door at CES 2021.

Designed as a replacement for existing exterior doors, the myQ Pet Portal comes integrated into select offerings from Kolbe doors. There is a hidden smart-panel in the door that lets pets  move in and out  safely. Unlike standard pet flaps, this blends more seamlessly with the home decor and often goes unnoticed.

The myQ Pet Portal comprises an elevator-style electromechanical opening mechanism, a custom Bluetooth dog collar that works in conjunction with the motor, protective sensors , and an automatic lock for dog safety.

In Automatic mode, the door recognizes when the dog with Bluetooth tag is close by and opens automatically. Alternatively, pet parents can opt for By Request mode, in which they receive an alert through the app when the pet is by the door and can grant it access remotely.

There are two built-in cameras that allow live video streaming and 2-way communication through the myQ Pet Portal app. Pet parents can keep track of when their dog went out and for how long.

myQ Pet Portal creates an easy and convenient home access point for furry companions. It allows dogs to go out and come at their convenience. Users can also control, secure, and monitor the door and the dog right from the companion mobile app. This product will make pet care easy and convenient for those who have to leave their pets at home alone.

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The myQ Pet Portal is available in an assortment of materials and door types. Fiberglass Panels start at $2,999. Fiberglass Pre-Hung units start at $3,699, and Extra Thick Wood Aluminum Clad Pre-Hung units start at $4,499. There are more options and customizations to personalize according to your pet and home requirements.

Via: TheVerge

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