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N.C. SmartWall by Acerbis is three-way modular unit that plays with the mind

It’s an evolving world this, so we don’t need a reason to have modular furniture that evolves decorating our living space at home. Thus, enter N.C. SmartWall – a three level modularity wall installation that works as storage unit, bookshelf and an all inclusive entertainment system, all-in-one. With the N.C. SmartWall by Acerbis everything becomes so close at hand for you that you don’t need anything else. The SmartWall features horizontal and vertical modularity on three levels (or even more), to conceal the storage unit and reveal the bookshelf, or conceal the bookshelf and reveal the TV unit, or hide the entertainment system and reveal the storage unit, just as you may like it – command and control – awesome isn’t it ?

The SmartWall is an entertainment hub that renders all your stored stuff invisible. Acerbis has integrated host of audio-visual feature to impress the home owner in you. The SmartWall has been tailored to house an ultra-thin screen TV up to 65” and is built-in with an iPod docking station connected to the soundbar built-into the unit with eight speakers, set up in a 20-litre compartment. Embedded with amplifier and loudspeakers, the SmartWall can deliver a sonic thrill of deep bass and melodious music from just about any device in the house wirelessly via Bluetooth. This genuine hi-fi wall-mount system will definitely make every simple wall grace up with elegance and style.

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