Nao Tamura's Flow(t)

Nao Tamura’s Flow(t) inspired by Venice’s cityscape

Nao Tamura's Flow(t)

We have proclaimed it before and we will say it now – lighting mechanisms have exceeded their ambit as just ‘lights for a room’. Contemporary designs allude to a certain sculptural trend. And, this is aptly exhibited by the wondrously crafted chandelier from Brooklyn-based Japanese designer Nao Tamura. Inspired from the paradisiacal cityscape of Venice, the chandelier christened as the ‘Flow(t)’ comprises of a string of blown glass receptacles that emanate an ethereal play of light through their blue-green tinted form.

Each receptacle has a unique shape that represents the vibrant urban form of Venice. However, beyond physical forms, there is a romantic angle to the historical city, where both the ‘real world and fantasy coexists’ with the coalescing of the breathtaking landscapes and the serene canals. And, it is this duality of the scope that the designer aimed to portray with her Flow(t). In this regard, the beautifully crafted chandelier pertains to this notion of ‘floating’ through our living rooms with the structures of the buildings (the transparent parts of the receptacles) having their reflections along the shimmering canals (the blue-green parts of the same receptacles).

Via: Spoon-Tamago

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