NATUR Resting Chair by Berkan Sahan

NATUR is Resting Chair Designed to Maintain Body Balance

We work regularly from morning to evening in office while sitting on a standard chair, which may lead to bad body posture and certain health issues in the long run. To sort out this problem, German designer Berkan Sahan in collaboration with KYS Furniture has created the NATUR resting chair, especially to relax within your office environment.

According to studies, the balance of the body is maintained by breathing with midriff and chest breathing. Hence, the chair is designed as such that it provides complete body rest while allowing you to breathe properly for sustaining body’s counterbalance for a healthy living.

The chair comprises of a wooden frame in shape of a lounge chair and soft cushions aligned over it for a comfortable nap during a break. It features an adjustable headrest and a round pillow at bottom of the backrest. Both headrest and pillow can be adjusted according to the user for relaxing comfortably during short breaks.

Furthermore, it comes with a footstool to keep your legs straight or folded so that you can freely breathe in and out through midriff and chest. Even a 30 minutes rest on this comfy chair will revive your whole body for rest of the day. We believe such furniture is required in today’s hectic work environment so you don’t have to compromise with your health due to hectic work schedule.

NATUR Resting Chair by Berkan Sahan

Comes with adjustable headrest and round pillow for complete body rest

NATUR Resting Chair by Berkan Sahan

This position provides proper midriff breathing

NATUR Resting Chair by Berkan Sahan

Keep your legs straight on the footstool for proper breathing

NATUR Resting Chair by Berkan Sahan

Maintains body balance

Credit: Behance

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