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Mellow Multimedia Table

Nature-inspired Mellow multimedia table is a treat for music lovers

The Mellow multimedia table is a music player, power bank, and a traditional piece of furniture all-in-one. The design of Mellow has been inspired by the beauty of natural landscapes. Therefore, it incorporates flawless natural shape and texture along with a neutral blend of colors. Not just visually stunning, but it is jam packed with technology.

It comes integrated with built-in Bluetooth speakers that can be connected to your smartphone within a range of 10-meters. It takes only four hours to charge the smart table and it can play for seven hours at 30-percent volume, five hours at 75-percent volume and three hours at 100-percent volume. This multimedia furniture gives you the power to enjoy music anytime, anywhere – be it your bedroom, living room, kitchen, backyard or by the poolside. Mellow is sure to be a stylish centerpiece that will compliment any part of your home.

Besides being a robotic DJ at your house party, this smart table also serves as your morning alarm. Moreover, the two UBS ports allow you to juice up your devices at the same time. The built-in Lithium battery has 6600mAh capacity. You can charge your iPhone 7 for 2.7 times and it just takes three hours to complete the charging.

Boasting elegant, timeless design, each Mellow multimedia table has been crafted from high-quality materials. The legs of the table are made from 100-percent lush beech wood. The tabletop is wrapped in a woven micro-fabric and four interactive buttons are sewn into the fabric to control music functions manually like a conventional speaker system. The buttons sewn on the fabric are On/Off; Bluetooth/Play/Pause/Phone; Volume decrease; Volume increase. Aside from the manual controls, the table also comes with a companion mobile app to monitor different functions.

Currently, the project is seeking funds on Kickstarter to reach out to the production phase. A pledge of $299 will help you secure one Mellow multimedia table for your home. If it successfully reaches its initial target of $15,000, you may expect the delivery of your product by August 2017.

Mellow Multimedia Table

Control buttons sewen on the fabric

Mellow Multimedia Table

Three-in-one multimedia table

Mellow Multimedia Table

It has two USB ports for charging

Mellow Multimedia Table

The legs of the table are made from 100-percent beech wood

Mellow Multimedia Table

It has built in Bluetooth speakers to deliver high quality sound

Mellow Multimedia Table

It can be placed anywhere in your living room, bedroom, patio or by poolside

Via: ConnectedCrib

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