Natuzzi Brio Motion Reclining Sofa with Audio System Entices You to Come Home Early

When it comes to luxury furniture and accessories for home, Natuzzi Italia is right there at the pinnacle. In the past, we have seen their opulent furniture with a flair for technology, and now the company is back with yet another irresistible item. Motion Brio sofa by Natuzzi is something each one of you would like to have in their living area. Imagine watching a TV series or a gripping movie, while you are surrounded by amazing sound. Not to forget the prime comfort you’ll get in this relaxing sofa.

For laid-back comfort that gets better at the touch of a finger, this sofa toggles the backrest and seat position for optimum comfort. Bluetooth connectivity to the audio system means you don’t need a reason to get up from the couch once you embrace in its comfort. Thanks to the high-quality memory foam and pressure-sensitive polyurethane used in this sofa, you’ll have a sound relaxing sleep on this couch.

Motion Brio has zero wall system in the recliner mechanism which moves the seating and backrest forward as the couch opens. Therefore, you don’t need to keep it away from walls like other recliner sofas. Just brush the sensor hidden on the side of the sofa, and the electronic system reclines the backrest and extends the seating.

It has handcrafted details like pinched stitching and quilting on the armrests, giving it an aesthetic appeal. To be frank, this reclining sofa is something that’ll make you come home early, just to feel the warmth of relaxation.

Natuzzi Motion Brio comes with or without the audio kit option. However, it goes without saying that the one with the audio kit is worth every penny. It gives you a multi-sensory experience and makes you enjoy life like it should be.

Natuzzi Brio 130 reclining sofa

Adds style to your interiors

Natuzzi Brio 130 reclining sofa

Made from high-quality fabric

Natuzzi Brio 130 reclining sofa

Perfectly blends with your exisiting decor

Relaxing comfort and quality audio in a reclining sofa

Relaxing comfort and quality audio in a reclining sofa

Natuzzi Brio Motion reclining sofa

Natuzzi Brio Motion reclining sofa

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