Nautilus Houseboats

Nautilus Houseboat offers modern lifestyle and luxury living on water

Since 2010, Berlin-based company Nautilus Houseboats has been offering rest and relaxation on the water. The company creating innovative houseboats is giving same modern lifestyle and comfort to its customers with as being provided by any dream home on land.

With New Year around the corner, the company is all set to offer a whole new way to welcome 2016.  The sleek Nautilus houseboats are built to provide luxury and epitome of class while floating on water. The ultra modern houseboats have wooden flooring and are spacious enough to include full deck and top deck for sunbathing.

Combining motor yacht with the advantages of houseboat, these floating sheds offer perfect escape for people trapped in urban and concrete dwellings. The houseboats are available in four distinct models, i.e., nautino, nautilus, rover and egg home. So, clients can choose any one according to the number of family members.

Ideal for weekend getaways or hosting parties, the houseboats offer ultimate leisure and also contains sauna facilities for rejuvenation. As these pods are fully-customizable, one can easily select various equipment options and floor plans to build the boat according to their personal preferences. Ranging from € 98, 000 to € 698,000 (approx. US $107,128 to $763,018), these stunning houseboats are going to welcome the New Year in style.

Nautilus Houseboats

Nautino by Nautilus Houseboats

Nautilus Houseboats

Rover by Nautilus Houseboats

Nautilus Houseboats

Egg Home by Nautilus Houseboats

Nautilus Houseboats

Full deck to enjoy coffee or drinks

Nautilus Houseboats

Internal seating system with view of surrounding areas

Nautilus Houseboats

Dining area to enjoy meals with friends and family


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