NCYP Tabletop Terrarium - Gifts for her

NCYP Tabletop Terrarium

Let the lady love in your life add a touch of eye-catching style to her potted plants by gifting the NCYP tabletop Terrarium. The elegant geometric terrarium is made from ultra-clear sodium calcium glass is perfect for holding plants in a stylish and modern style. Suitable for planting most small, medium-sized plants, succulents, cacti, and moss, the terrarium has one opening to access the plants inside. It doesn’t leak but is not meant for use as a hydroponic flower pot.

Perfect display box for offices and home décor, the beautiful pentagon terrarium planter can be placed on the table, shelves or even in the windowsills. Inside the terrarium’s walls, one can observe a range of natural processes including photosynthesis, respiration and water cycle.

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With the NCYP tabletop Terrarium at home, you can create a sweet atmosphere, and enjoy a more poetic, warm and relaxing life.

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