Neato Botvac Connected Vaccum Cleaner

Neato BotVac Connected shoots at messy floors like a remote control car

Remember Neato Robotics’ BotVac vacuum cleaner that comes pre-equipped with laser mapping technology? If not, then simply forget it. As the company has now come up with its very first Wi-Fi- enabled BotVac Connected robot, which aims for setting a new standard for vacuum cleaners.

The Neato BotVac Connected is designed to clean your floors on its own, simply by using a companion smartphone app that supports both Android or iOS devices. The app allows users to set up a regular schedule for the device to start a full house or spot clean and stop/pause cleaning program.

Just like a remote control car, the robotic vacuum cleaner shoots at messy spots on floor, whilst easily monitored via smartphone. This means even if you’re feeling lazy to get out of your couch, you can still command the robot for efficient cleaning. Moreover, smartphone app sends notifications about status of the cleaning program to the users, keeping you updated about your house cleaning even if you’re away from home.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with laser guided technology to figure out where it’s going, like its predecessors. But a new lithium-ion battery gives it the juice for more suction. The updated model also has option for two distinct cleaning modes: Eco Mode for a longer and quieter cleaning, and Turbo Mode for powerful but noisier cleaning. On Eco Mode the robot can clean within 120 minutes, whereas on Turbo mode it cleans the floor quickly in just 90 minutes.

Isn’t it an amazing robot that adds gaming-like fun to the cleaning process? Already decided to purchase the robotic cleaner? Well, you have to wait some more. Neato BotVac Connected vacuum will go on sale later this year for estimated price of about $700.

Neato Botvac Connected Vaccum Cleaner

Neato’s first smart BotVac Vacuum Cleaner

Neato Botvac Connected Vaccum Cleaner

It comes with laser guided technology to figure out which way it’s going

Via: WSJ

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