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Neile Cooper’s Glass Cabin is a Real-Life Fairy Tale Home

“All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” This quote by Walt Disney somehow inspires all of us and surely has a great influence over Neile Cooper’s life. She’s a jewelry designer and longtime stained-glass artist from Mohawk, New Jersey who has made a beautiful miniature house in the backyard of her home. Her beautiful fairytale-inspired glass abode is made from used home materials.

She shared her views with Creators regarding this home;

The glass cabin is my dream project, it is made almost entirely of reclaimed materials. Rafter beams from some fallen trees, lumber from a neighbor’s storm-damaged porch, and many, many old window frames.

Cooper loves to draw nature and fairy tale designs that are apparent in her art. The whole glass cabin is covered with giant stained-glass paintings of butterfly wings, owls, eagles, birds, leaves and flowers. Her choice of colors is implacable, which makes every glass painting so natural and alive.

She loves to spend her quality time in this cabin house with her cat and books. Neile also used beautiful lightning bulbs and her jewelry pieces for home’s interior decoration. Her glass cabin looks adorable and fascinating from inside out.

One more amazing thing about her glass cabin is that it looks magnificent in every season, and changing shades from sunrise to sunset can mesmerize anyone to fall in love with it, over and over again.

Glass painting of giant leaves, flowers and mushrooms

Beautiful Owl’s stained-glass painting looks so magical and alive

Winter shades of Cooper’s Glass home

Neatness and bright colors in this painting looks so stunning

Outside view from the Glasshouse

Sunlight creating magic with colors

Butterfly and honeycomb design with wildflowers

Spring means nights in the cabin?

A post shared by Glass Art + Butterfly Jewelry (@neilecooper) on


A post shared by Glass Art + Butterfly Jewelry (@neilecooper) on

Skylights, with songbird?, dogwood ?, and honeybee.?

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