Nekko single flower vase follows the Ikebana approach of flower arrangement

 Nekko flower vase

The fragrance, the hue and the elegance of all natural flowers speak louder than words. Many  people convey their sentiments of love, passion or friendship with a lovely bouquet of flowers. However, a single flower also does the same thing and this is better explained by the less is more concept of the Japanese flower arrangement known as Ikebena.  Taking inspiration from this Japanese flower arrangement style, H-concept brings to you the Nekko single flower pot, the roots of which are turned into a vase.

Nekko flower vase

The Nekko flower vase is actually made of resin materials but has a matt finish of porcelain that makes it  a beautiful addition to any home. The resin materials used in designing this vase are heavier than china to keep the vase steady. It was launched back in 2005 at the 100 Design Tokyo event and is popular since then. The single flower vase is available in four different colors including dark brown, green, lavender, terra cotta and white and measures 121 x 34 x 120mm. If this is the kind of thing that you have been looking for to add to the simple decor of your home, then hurry and order it at the Japantrendshop for a cool $30.


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