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Nendo’s Minimalist Bookshelf can hold one Book at a Time

The true test of a philosopher is what he will pick from a bookshelf in a library – Nietzsche or Socrates. Both philosophers can eventually house in your mind but only one gets to poise on this metal shelf at your place. Wading toward a minimalistic world, where emphasis is laid on fewer possessions, Japanese design studio Nendo has come up with this minimalistic metal shelf that can hold one book at a time.

The freestanding single-bookshelf (or book desk if you may) is about the size of an average book. It’s basically a flat metal box with storage space that is poised on a circular metal base. A long aluminum metal tube connects the shelf storage with the base.

Available in three different shapes, the bookshelf is designed as a little resting place for your favorite book or the one you’re currently reading. Aside from housing a book, the little storage unit can hold magazines, documents, smartphones, and other small items.

Lightweight and compact in nature, the book desk stores your book and other accessories in a vertical or horizontal manner. The vertical design shelf unit allows things to be inserted from the side like a book cover, or from the top like a storage pocket in a car or airplane seat.

On other hand, the horizontal version that is available in two different heights acts as a typical desk and can also be used as a side table. Furthermore, it can be used for storing little items beneath the desk.

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Nendo touts that their product aims to be more than a home accessory, but less than the usual furniture. If required, one can shift the position of the metal pillar and take it to any part of the house. Each model of the freestanding shelf is available in two basic colors – white and black.

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Image: Nendo

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Image: Nendo

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Image: Nendo

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Image: Nendo

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Image: Nendo

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