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Neonode's Single Side Sensor technology

Neonode’s Single Side Sensor technology for cheap touch devices

Neonode's Single Side Sensor technology

Cheap touch-based devices may finally flood the electronic market with Neonode’s announcement of the company’s Single Side Sensor (SSS) technology. Envisaged as a simple sensor that remarkably adds ‘touch functionality to low-cost  consumer products’, the scope has an ultra-low BOM cost of only $1 in high volume (consumed) devices. In other words, the inexpensive sensor will allow manufacturers to integrate basic yet effective touch input to a wide range of electronic devices including printers, appliances, toys, wearables, low-end displays and of course mobile based accessories.

In terms of technology, the Single Side Sensor is infused with Neonode’s very own NN1001 controller, optics and a small PCB. The relative convenience of this ambit allows the SSS to be integrated on only one side of the display (or other electronic products). This results in the usage of less hardware than other comparable high-end solutions, thus ultimately lowering the Bill of Materials to a very minimized (that is low-cost) number. Furthermore, the SSS can also be used in conjunction with Neonode’s expensive sensors, which certainly enhances the effectiveness of the touch mechanism.

According to Thomas Eriksson, CEO and Co-founder of Neonode –

This is a dream come true! We can now deliver a BOM level for basic touch solutions we thought to be impossible just 12 months ago. As a technology licensing company we’re clearly thrilled about the huge opportunity our innovation brings to manufacturers, who are struggling to add value, differentiate and make ends meet within the fast-growing low-end mass-markets.

Via: Neonode

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