Neotion’s Neohome is secure smart home ecosystem

Neotion, a technology leader specialized in innovation and production of secure Devices for the Digital Pay-TV market, is planning to take on Samsung SmartThings after the launch of its Neohome- a smart home ecosystem. This secure ecosystem is based on the company’s range of home gateways and its in-house security processor, which is compatible with wide range of smart home appliances.

With this all-new IOT (Internet of Things) system, the company is aiming to meet two important consumer demands: first is the need for safety and security, and second one is desire to control lighting and energy. Neohome will also allow you to monitor video and audio from smart home devices such as connected cameras, tablets or computers.

This means the one device will be able to manage Entertainment as well as Smart Home via single smartphone-enabled application. It will be possible to receive notifications, view a video stream from the cameras, while watching TV in the living room. Furthermore, a built-in GS1 security processor in each gateway will keep encrypts and your data secure. The photos and videos will be transmitted across Neohome and pulled from the cloud, in order to keep your data protected from unwanted access.

While recently we have featured Samsung SmartThings for better smart home connectivity, but Neotion’s Neohome is two-in-one device that combines the media of entertainment with smart home. So the new ecosystem has something different to offer to the consumers. Moreover, it will be beneficial to buy a single device that can perform two functions rather than a simple smart home hub.

Via: BusinessWire

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